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Cannes Diary – 2004
Monday (Day 1)

Well, I’m on the way. Traveling smooth in a huge exit row on the first leg of my flight to The Cannes Film Festival. LAX-JFK then JFK to Nice Airport. So far, so good. I could tell when my wife Eileen dropped me off at the Van Nuys Flyaway that she is still not 100% behind me going to Cannes. I don’t know what it’s going to take to convince her that the Cannes Film Festival is worth my spending my time and money on. The last time I went, I really felt like it changed my life. I had wanted to do it for some time – it was a dream, an aspiration. And when I was there, I felt like I was at the center of the universe. Now, as a result, I’m an experienced European traveler. I can actually speak French pretty well. And I have the kind on insights that one gets from traveling – especially traveling alone, where you have a lot of time to think and reflect.
It was at Cannes where I got the inspiration for “The Morning Guy”; where I made close friends from all over the world; and where I many of the most interesting stories I have to tell happened to me. But is it enough that it’s a ton of fun? Joseph Campbell said you should “follow your bliss” – do what really makes you happy – and everything will work out in your favor. I hope that that’s true, because it’s certainly a satisfying way to live your life.
Okay, I do have some specific business goals for this trip. It’s not just to drink champagne, get into VIP areas, and be surrounded by glamour.

• Sell distribution rights for “The Morning Guy”
• Sell distribution rights for “Legends of Show Business”
• Sell distribution rights for “Punching Hitler” ( For Ed Marks – I get 10%)
• Learn about distribution deals and contracts.
• Find financing for “Valley of Sin”
o Meet a producer
o Find foreign $ (presales?)
• Set up “Flatbellies” with a producer
• Make new friends & Show Biz Contacts
• See “Farenheidt 911”
• See as many in competition movies as possible
• Get into many parties – especially on Yachts
• Bond with old Cannes friends.
• Eat light delicious French meals – as often as possible as free hors d’ouvres.
• Show people my DP reel at Kodak patio.
• Wear all the clothes I brought (2 large suitcases)
• Take lots of pictures
• Make my online diary live up to the expectations of all the people who liked it so much in 2002.

Plus a whole lot more.


Pretty good first day. Did something I never do – on the flight from JFK to Nice, I actually talked with the guy sitting next to me. I probably haven’t had an airplane conversation in 10 years. He was a young black guy named Darshan from Toulon, France. He was going back home after several years in South Carolina to play basketball and finish college. Interesting guy.

My room wasn’t ready when I arrived, so I stashed my luggage and went down to the Palais to get ny badge,etc. Cannes is exactly like I remember it. The weather was beautiful today – sunny and breezy and not too hot. Everybody is still glamorous and interesting looking. I made contact with Chantal, the directrice of the Agen Film Festival. I spent most of the day with her speaking all French. I’m sure there are things we talked about that I will never know. After a nice lunch on the beach (Merci, Chantal.) She got me into the World Premiere of Michael Moore’s new film “Farenheidt 9/11” – one of the most powerful movies I’ve ever seen. It was at once horrifying and inspiring. It’s disgusting, the evil stuff George W. Bush has been getting away with. But it’s inspiring that Michael Moore lays it out so clearly and persuasively, that if people get a chance to see it, there’s no way Bush will get reelected. Moore got a 20 minute standing ovation. You could tell the Americans in the crowd, by our tear streamed faces. Oh, and Mick Jagger was there, which was also cool.
Michael More
after his 20 minute standing ovation
IMG_0076.JPGChantal Milan-Maquin
Directrice of the Agen Film festival
Chantal's Lunch
Up the red carpet for "Farenheidt 9/11"
Micheal Moore
Me & Robertie
Later, met up with other friends from Cannes 2002 – Robertie from Paris, and Martin Gooch from London. I ended up hanging out with Gooch for the rest of the evening, eating gigantic sandwiches, then joining Chantal and fresh-from-Paris Jovanka for a drink. (For more on Jovanka, see Agen – I think I saw of her lingerie ads near the train station.)
IMG_0099.JPGJovanka & Gooch
Jovanka's ShoesIMG_0100.JPG

Now back at the Hotel Esperanto, I’m settling into my room. It’s much larger than the famously small place I stayed in 2002, but it has it’s own issues. Like the total lack of ice and having to walk up to my forth floor room with no lights in the stairway. Also, I don’t think the curtains will block any light. I’ve managed to stay up past midnight, so I should have jetlag licked by tomorrow. Here’s hoping. More tomorrow – including the screening of “Punching Hitler” a short I shor for my friend Ed Marks that I’m going to try to sell for him.

Bon Soir.

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