I'll be in Cannes May 17-25
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Day 2 - Tuesday

Mid day – The American Pavillion

Got up nice and early this morning and got the the Palais before it opened at 9am. I managed to get tickets for tonight’s Black Tie screening of “The Ladykillers”. Getting tix from the SACD (the French Union of directors, writers, and producers) IS much easier than The Syndicat where I got tix last time.

Klingons waiting for the Palais to open
The Short Film Corner

Down in the SHORT FILM CORNER, I put up posters and laid out post cards for all my films, including “Punching Hitler” which I only photographed, but am here promoting none the less. The projection in the SFC is not the greatest – everything just streams off some kind of server – and the aspect ratio is a little funky. But I think my films will play alright on the big screen, in spite of the verticle stretch the have on the computer monitors around the venue. Made contact with a woman who reps short films, but as yet, I have met no buyers.

The WiFi connection here in the American Pavillion is as robust and convenient as I remember it. The place is lousy with Powerbooks. But still, people come up and ask with some measure of wonder, “Are you connected to the internet?”

Filmmaker Yael Luttwak

So I come into the Pavillion and sit down at pretty much the only table with an open seat, and look up to find that I’m sitting with Roger Ebert. He must have lost a lot of weight because I barely recognized him. He was very nice, and extremely indulgent of all the people who kept coming up and asking for photos and advice on their careers. Hopefully, I can get him to come up and do a guest lecture for me this summer at Northwestern. Now I’m off to find a digital card reader so I can finally get my photos out of the camera and into the computer.

Roger & Me
Cool French Steel Beer Bottle
dejuner at fnac
The American Pavillion
Filmmaker Maximiliano Contenti (AKA: Max) from Uraguay
Cocktail hour in the Hotel Esperano (my room)
IMG_0114.JPG IMG_0115.JPG
Beer Promotion - Stella Artois

Bought Card reader and a sandwich at fnac, favorite French store – Like Virgin Megastore, The Good Guys, and Radio Shack rolled into one, with a café. Returned to the American Pavillion to finally upload what you read yesterday, then back to the Short Film Corner where I met a terrific Short Film publicist/sales agent.


Cannes Day 2 - Tuesday