I'll be in Cannes May 17-25 To reach me locally, dial: 06 80 16 21 26
From America, dial: 001-33-6 80 16 21 26

Day 5 - Friday

Again, I'll say it with captions...

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The other film I'm representing in Cannes "Punching Hitler"
Michael errington & I on the American pavillion patio.
Say, has Michael showed you his photo with Quentin Tarentino?
The evening's screening "The Life & Death of Peter Sellers" starring Jeffry Rush and Charlese Thieron
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Dr. Caroline Bowé
We started the red carpet with David Carridine and his wife who gave me maybe the dirtiest I've ever gotten.
Caroline and I met here in 2002. We ran into each other tonight in the Majestic Bar and I had a spare ticket. she had on a fabulous black gown, The paparazzi wouldn't leave us alone
They show the red carpet arrivals on the big screen in the Theatre Lumiere
Charlese Thieron
Caroline & Anain
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