Day of the First Screening
Tuesday - Mardi

Today was the first of two Cannes Screenings of The Film. Of course, I have no pictures of the event. I had an inspiration today about the next time I do this: I need an intern - Some kid from film school who'll pay his own way and help me with promotion heavy lifting, or whatever. Any film student would love to be here. I know I would've.

Anyway, the screening was poorly attended, but well received. I was even able to re-screen it for some late comers. Wew had about 15 people finally, which actually fills up the 50 seat room pretty well. On to photos...

This is Emily. She recognized me in the American Pavilion. Turns out she worked on Firetrap with me


Up on the Slamdunk Terrace, They set up for the evening's fashion show.

Lovely receptipn in the Variety Village. Chowed down on Hors d'ouevres

Very nice actresses from Sweden

Waiting in the taxi line by the train station.