Saturday – Samedi

Je suis désole que j’ai oubli comment parler Englais. I’ve been speaking French so much, that it’s affecting my English –I’m thinking in French and only using words in English that I also know in French.

So, anyway…

Didn’t sleep too well last night. I guess by the time I got back to the hotel, downloaded my photos, and took a shower (The climb up Rue de Louis Blanc makes one very sweaty.) I wasn’t drunk anymore. I guess that’s the real effect of Jet Lag: bad circadian rhythms. But I made it out of bed in time for petit dejuner. Rain was forecasted, but it didn’t start until I was ready to walk down to the Palais. It wasn’t too bad, and I had a hat.

I started the day at the place where the technicians like me go to beg for movie tickets. You just wait around there until one of the guys comes out and hands out a few. I learned more about it today. I think if I was a member ov the unions in France, I would be getting more attention. But eventually, all that hovering and waiting and nudguing paid off and I scored a ticket to the Michael Winterbottom film “24 Hour Party6 People” at the Palais at ten at night. That means I get to wear the tux. Je suis arrive!

Today, it only took a little while to get the site update up, so I won’t even talk about it, but on the way to the Kodak “Apartment” to work on it, I saw Michael Moore in the American Pavilion. They had him roped off in a special section with it’s own catering. He looked not unlike a Roman Emperor holding court. I was shocked that he wasn’t wearing his trademark hat, but I guess he only wears it in America. I couldn’t get into his film, “Bowling for Columbine”, but I hear everyone loved it. He got a ten minute ovation. I’m told that that’s the French way at Cannes: They applaud until the director cries – it works every time, even for Woody Allen.

Around noon, I went to find René at the cocktail reception for thr French Film Technicians. I arrived just in time to miss the end of the keynote speech (in French) and catch the beginnings of the cocktails, which here means mostly champagne and Evian. (not mixed, of course)

Headed over to the Noga Hilton to catch a Slamdunk screening of “Dot Com”. I had only seen the first half in Park City, so I was excited to see the rest. I guess I was the only one. I mean since the film makers aren’t here inviting people and promoting it, I was literally the only one there. It sort of shocked me into ramping up the promotion of my screening. Now I’ve been doing more postering, leaving cards, around, and tattooing whoever I can.

After the screening I hung out a while on the Terrace, mostly waiting and hoping for party passes to turn up. A few did, but not for me. Before heading back to the hotel to change into my tux for the evening’s screening, I went with the Slamdunk gang to the Variety Party. Even though we had a few tickets, they still wouldn’t let us in until the speeches were over. I met a bunch of new people there, as well as some old old friends whom I’d met earlier in the day. It kept trying to rain the whole time, but there was plenty of cover, one would only occasionally fine oneself getting dripped on under an edge. I also met Melissa, a video producer from New York. Like me, she had only ticket for the 10pm film, so we made a date. Neither one of us wanted to walk up the red carpet of the Palais alone. Oh, there was one costumed joker at the party in a dress, a beard and a turban. He was supposed to be “Osamma Like it Hot”.

I made the mistake of thinking I could get a cab back to the hotel to change. It was impossible. I ended up walking the whole way, even getting lost in the twisty streets of the neaghborhood. No time to chill, I got dressed in my tiny room, and dashed back out to meet Melissa