Friday – as remembered on Saturday:

Woke up around 11:30am (11h30 en Français) and spent a couple of hours writing down the previous day and night. When I finally left for the Palais, it was maybe 2pm (14h00). Had no luck getting any tickets from the controlling authority for my division. Tickets, here called “Invitations” are given out by this guy only at certain times, and never with any enthusiasm. I really want to get something in the evening so I can wear my Tuxedo.

Having spent two hours working on this web site back in the hotel, I spent another two uploading it and getting it fixed up in the Business center of the Palais. The wireless connection there is very speedy and no one seems to understand it. People kept asking me questions – I was the local expert.

Jesus, now I’m spending time documenting the experience of documenting the experience. If tomorrow I start writing about writing writing about writing about this, I expect you to skip right to the pictures.

On the Kodak Terrace in the American Pavillion, I hooked up with some very interesting people. When people see my computer, in gives them something to talk about and starts the conversation. I even had wireless net access out there thanks to the Intel hub inside. The guy in the red jacket is Michael J. Errington, a British composer from Germany. If possible, he’s even a better self-promoter than I am. He had me send an important e-mail missive for him, after finding me his resume on the internet. I also met Rene, an editor turned director from England, and Robertie, an actress from Paris. Along with John, an American actor who lives in Paris, we all hung out and chatted until they kicked us out well after they closed the Terrace. Robertie and Rene had to go chance for a formal screening at the Palais so we all said we would meet up again at the Slamdunk Terrace for the South African Party.

Saw a woman on the Croisette doing a kind of haute couture mime act as a figure in a music box. Very nice.

In spite of my “All Access” Slamdunk Terrace pass, I still had trouble getting into the party until Justin set the South African Woman at the door straight. You still couldn’t get into the private area of the party without a ticket. Eventually we would sneak in the back way – piece of cake.

Found John by the pool and he called Amanda –they were almost there. When they got there I was able to wave them in with my newly revealed All Access authority that I lorded over the woman at the door.

After some champagne and taking in the twilight view on the terrace, we found our way into the private area where there was dancing and more booze. The other three eventually left for their screenings while I stayed and hooked up with Michael (red jacket – from the American Pavillion) and met all his people who may now want me to shoot their film, “Blind Date Party”.